Friday, September 16, 2005

Gretna, Louisiana

I was reading about the situation in Gretna, a predominately white city next to New Orleans. In order to keep the "violent and dangerous darkies" from contaminating their pure city, they've set up a roadblock manned by armed police officers. Effectively, they prevented thousands of New Orleans residents from escaping a flooded hell. As bad as this may seem, Gretna was not the only city to block escape routes. Other cities have blocked roads as well. There was a similar situation in the Great Mississippi Flood. Communities on opposing sides of the river could see the rising water begin to threaten their levees. Each side knew that if the levee broke on the opposing bank, the river would flood the other town. Their community would be saved. Both sides formed armed groups and patrolled the levees. As far as I know, no one purposefully destroyed a levee. So, in today's America, would we break our neighbor's levee?


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