Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Two Short Posts Today

Finally Questioning Pentagon Reports on Iraqi Insurgents? From an Aug. 8, 2005 article from UPI: "If the U.S. Army and its Iraqi allies are killing [and detaining] as many insurgents as reports indicate they are per month, why is the insurgency intensifying instead of collapsing? " For God's sake, didn't the MSM realize the Pentagon was spewing pure crap for the last two years? I've never believed goverment statistics on the number of so-called Iraqi insurgents killed or captured. Finally, someone took the trouble to write about it. The reporter, Martin Sieff, takes care not to baldly accuse the U.S. of killing and detaining innocent civilians but I think that's exactly what is occurring. There's been more than a few accusations of unwarranted and/or illegal detentions. If the U.S. is torturing and murdering innocent civilians in Iraqi and Afghani prisons, how can you trust them to tell the truth about civilian casualties on the battlefield? Commemorations of Rascism on the Anniversary of the Nagasaki Bombing I hate Dec. 7th, Aug. 6th and Aug. 9th. I'm Japanese-American and I've had to put up a lot of rascist bullshit, particularly on those days. Guess what. I'm not responsible for what Japan did during World War II. I'm not responsible for the trade deficit or the fact that Japanese cars are better than American cars. Yet, somehow, people feel compelled to argue with me over those issues. Even some relatively intelligent people have done it, which points out that prejudice can infect nearly anyone. On a few occasions, people have spontaneously decided to tell me about Japanese atrocities during WWII; excuse me, but I'm fairly well educated and I already know about it. Those war crimes are often used to rationalize the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 'Japan deserved it because of the Rape of Nanking and Pearl Harbor'. Too bad those Japanese civilians bore little responsibility for those actions. The media always presents documentaries and news reports on the Aug. 6th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing but,to avoid accusations of sympathizing with the enemy, they always feel compelled to trot out the usual stories of Japanese war crimes. Exactly how does one atrocity excuse another? P.S. Please support Cindy Sheehan and her protest against Bush and the Iraq War.


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I'm sincerely sorry you have to face this kind of bigotry.


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