Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Oil for Blood

Today, Knight-Ridder Newspapers reported: "The bodies of the dead Nigerian villagers hadn't yet grown cold when a navy captain presented Chevron with a bill: 15,000 naira, or $165...". The Jan. 4, 1999 raid by Nigerian soldiers killed an estimated 74 civilians, giving Chevron the bargain price of $2.23 per dead body. However, Chevron supplied the helicopter and boats used in the attack so presumably the soldiers' only expenses were the bullets. Nigeria has been severely criticized for the past decade by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, etc. for human rights abuses in the oil-rich Niger River Delta. Although it has been obvious for some time that oil companies have aided the government and profited from the exploitation, Chevron apparently took it one step farther and gave direct logistical support to the soldiers. Chevron's involvement has been known since 1999. However, due to a federal lawsuit filed by the victims, the company has been forced to turn over documents. I googled the mainstream media and none of them are carrying the story except, of course, the Knight Ridder news chain.


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